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Chicago Singer/Songwriter Jason Moody has been keeping busy.

In 2012, Moody wrote a song a day for forty days and armed with this new cache created his first full-length album, Nowhere Near Here. That spring, taking the best (or at least the most copacetic) 13 demos, Moody entered the Brill Basement recording studio helmed by producer/drummer Garret Hammond (Prick, Kill Hannah). Moody set out to create an album at times sad and somber, oblique and wistful. There's humor there too, even a touch of hope but you'll have to do some digging to uncover it.

These are familiar floorboards for Moody to tread as evidenced by his self-titled 2011 EP which is equally restless and wrenching as it's indie folk rock successor but more lo-fi and ragged. Nowhere Near Here was realized with help of Hammond, songwriter and musician Daniel Knox, Mikey Shin and Scott Kallstrand (members of Moody's previous group Zerostars) and a whole host of talented new acquaintances.

Moody's songs wouldn't sound a bit out of place at 3 am on a Saturday night, coming down from whatever you were getting yourself up to, savoring those last poignant moments of solitude.

Nowhere Near Here won't make you forget your regrets, but it makes a great soundtrack.

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